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Cinzas - Demo I


Black Metal
Cassette limited to 66 copies
33 Black tape
33 White tape

Coming out from the ashes of time and space CINZAS debut Demo I proofs that silence, mistery and knowledge can walk different paths. Deep in this cave has been Mortiferus whom in total isolation and away from the mundane world forged his nature to the primevil genesis source of all wisdom. Achieving this wholeness through minimalism the lefthand of this wandering and ancient soul speaks out its music remembering the only thing that truly matters. Black Metal was meant to be raw, cold and dark as the longest winter nights.
Expect nothing more than this and be sure to embrace these unpure relentless torments as your feeble flesh burns!

Here's what Mortiferous has to say about CINZAS origin:
"All music created and recorded by Mortiferus between 2012-2015, while D.O.R. was active. These tracks were taken from a forgotten full album but since D.O.R. was going to a new path and experiences, CINZAS spawned into this world. Mortiferus salutes the few who still embrace and live by the true Black Metal values. You know who you are!"

Cinzas - Demo I