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Cinzas - Photo

On behalf of Cinzas, I’ve requested that Metal Archives changed the information about the release of Demo I through physical format (tape format) by Purodium Rekords as they will be managing this release. 

Other releases information about Cinzas such as Demo II and EP are to be dismissed and I’ve asked the Metal Archives to delete that information, for it never existed as physical format. They were released in digital format through Cinzas’s Bandcamp but the bandcamp page no longer exists. As such, the available music in Cinzas’s bandcamp is gone and forever lost.

I expect the crew of Metal Archives can fuck off and die for not respecting our decision, privacy, Cinzas and Purodium Rekords. 

By respecting the values of Purodium Rekords, there isn’t and never will ever be a release by Purodium Rekords or Cinzas in digital format. Cinzas will continue to keep the tradition and values of the old ways of the true underground extreme metal, releasing material only in physical format.

Mortiferus / Cinzas

 PRK0034 // Cinzas - Demo I, cassette limited to 66 copies (2018)